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We believe that fitness is essential to a great life. The key difference between us and most other fitness programmes is in our all-inclusive approach to health, fitness, vitality and life. To us this is ?Total Life Fitness?.We are performance-based fitness professionals. Performance is simply doing what you want to do, be it a triathlon or chasing your kids. It has less to do with WHAT you are doing and more about HOW you are able to do it. We use CrossFit as our method of achieving great fitness. Once you change your focus to performance, you will be stronger, faster, more flexible and have better endurance. You will also lose fat and become more muscular and toned, have more energy, sleep better and activities that were once difficult will become easier. Vision:To create a community that pursues Total Life Fitness, fitness that spans all areas of life.Mission:To inspire our community to achieve Total Life Fitness. We view fitness as a whole body experience, a state of super-wellness. Through dedicated coaching we help our community maximise their fitness, which enable their Participation in Life.CrossFit LifeSpark - Bringing Life Changing Fitness to Dubai.

Address: 9A Street, Dubai, Dubai, 0

Telephones: 04 4508234


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